The Restaurant at Meadowood (***)

A couple of weeks ago, (been postponing this post for months…) At the end of June this last year, me and three friends went to the US for a road trip through California. Food wasn’t the main reason for the trip, but a nice bonus. So after visiting Joshua Tree, Death Valley and Yosemite, we took a break in Napa Valley.

Panamint Valley

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Culinary Trip to Japan (Wrap Up)

I keep postponing these blog posts about my trip to Japan almost a full year ago (!!). Memories start to fade, but I still have plenty of pictures of some of the restaurants we visited back then. I decided to not dedicate a full blog post to each restaurant, but instead do a smaller review for each of them in this post. Tapas Molecular Bar … Continue reading Culinary Trip to Japan (Wrap Up)

Yasaka Endo (Kyoto)

About half a year ago, you could read the first part of my series about my trip to Japan in April earlier this year. A very short lived series you might think thanks to the lack of updates on this blog. I have plenty of pictures, but just didn’t really feel like writing… And since I’m doing this purely as a hobby, I wasn’t going to force myself to do so.

But no worries, (at least for now) I’m back!

So without further ado:

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Gen Yamamoto (Tokyo)

In the first two weeks of April, I visited Japan with some friends. A couple of days in Kyoto mostly covered the culture part of the trip, which means we had plenty of time for the culinary part in Tokyo … and that ‘s what this blog is about anyways!

We kicked things of with a degustation menu of cocktails.

That’s right. First time I encountered one of those, but hopefully not the last.

Gen Yamamoto runs an eight-seat bar (adequately named “Gen Yamamoto”) with unique cocktails using seasonal, local, fresh ingredients.

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‘t Zilte (**)

‘t Zilte is het 2-sterrenrestaurant van Viki Geunes in Antwerpen, met als zeer unieke locatie een van de bovenste verdiepingen in het MAS. Het stond al lang op mijn todo-list en vorige week was het eindelijk zo ver. Ik had op voorhand al gehoord dat het “te speciaal” zou zijn. Van zo’n uitspraken word ik alleen maar blij aangezien “te speciaal” niet bestaat in my book, … Continue reading ‘t Zilte (**)

The Fat Duck (***)

Two weeks ago, I went to the Fat Duck with some friends. This is a restaurant by Heston Blumenthal  in Bray (village near London), sporting 3 Michelin stars. Now for those of you who don’t know Heston, he is a pretty big deal. Working his way up the the top, questioning the consensus en re-innovating food.  Perfecting dishes by trial & error… and science! He’s known for … Continue reading The Fat Duck (***)

Frantzén (**)

About a month ago, one of my friends pointed me to Frantzén  in Stockholm. It is currently listed as nr. 12 in the world and he managed to get a reservation for 5 people total. I had never heard of it, but the introduction movie on their website was pretty awesome. My first impression was “a better Noma”. This may sound funny and/or arrogant, since Noma was … Continue reading Frantzén (**)