Saison (***)

In my previous blog post, you could read all about my trip to California and the first of a couple of epic dinners. After Napa Valley we continued to San Francisco, with a stop at Saison.


That is how I far I got in a draft 2 YEARS AGO.

Clearly I’m not feeling the whole “writing elaborate blog posts”  these days.

But I still like food. A lot.

What I can do is write a small introductory text, like now. Maybe do a lil’ recap of the general experience. And if I want to go deep, I’ll write about specific courses. But articulately describing every single plate, just makes me want to postpone indefinitely.

Let’s see how it goes this time, shall we?

So Saison.

Too bad for them, we had a lifetime top 3 meal at The Restaurant at Meadowood a couple of days before that. Hard to compete with that.

Both restaurants are overpriced as fuck, but at least with Meadowood, I was happy I did it.

Now don’t get me wrong. Saison was excellent. And worthy of its 3 Michelin stars. But I guess I’m so spoiled and such a food snob these days that not every high end fancy restaurant leaves me completely satisfied.

Here are some pretty pictures:

(from summer 2015)

Sea urchin, liquid toast
Brassica leaves, blistered in the fire, borth of the cultured vegetables

Their grill was kind of their thing. So smokey, almost burned, flavors would be a recurring theme. And since I love that, it’s the best way to get me to eat my veggies.

This beet, slowly roasted over coals, should be reminiscent of a juicy piece of meat.

At least that’s what they told us.

I mean, I know should all eat less meat and more vegetables (whole foods plant based diet to saved the planet, right?). But I love my meat.

So don’t bullshit me and tell me this beet will be anything remotely close to a succulent steak.



But it was.

Texture and flavor. Surprisingly awesome!

Ice cream and caramel, cooked in the fire

One of the desserts was pretty memorable too. Ridiculously good ice cream, some caramel and more than just a touch of smokiness.

For all the courses, check my Flickr album. 

Conclusion: very good, some memorable dishes, but your money would be better spent elsewhere.

In my humble opinion.

But if you’re a BTC millionaire by now and are in the neighbourhood: enjoy!


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